Issues Important to ROSIE

Rosie Mendez Thank You PS 116 Education

Education, affordable housing, civil rights, health care, transportation, disaster preparedness, public housing, parks and green spaces, the arts.


Education -- A student of NYC's public schools, Rosie knows the immense value that a good education provides. She secured over $11 million for our public schools, creating libraries and science and computer labs. Rosie funded the renovations of the playgrounds at PS 116 (Lillian Wald Playground) and at PS 188, to ensure that our children have safe spaces to play. Rosie fought against co-locations that would have overcrowded our existing schools. Rosie will continue to fight for our public schools.


Rosie Mendez Rent Guidelines Board Rally Dan Garodnick Scott Stringer

Affordable Housing -- Rosie is strongly committed to preserving and expanding our stock of affordable housing. She has fought against phony demolitions used to evict rent-stabilized tenants, and has voted to increase penalties against landlords who convert apartments into illegal hotels. As a former tenant organizer and legal services attorney, Rosie knows what tenants needs. She has worked to provide Mitchell Lamas, low-equity coops, Special Needs housing and Section 8 buildings with the funding they need to make improve and maintain buildings. Rosie will continue to fight for the rights of tenants.

Rosie Mendez Pride 2013 DOMA

Civil Rights -- A sponsor of the Community Safety Act, Rosie was instrumental in the fight to reform Stop & Frisk. She has championed civil rights throughout her tenure, standing with her colleagues in the fight for marriage equality. Rosie was one of the first elected officials to protest the NYPD's false arrests of gay men for prostitution. Rosie will continue to work every day to make sure that each resident of her district has the same rights as any other resident.

Rosie Mendez M8 bus rally Feb 09

Transportation -- Rosie has worked hard to make the streets of District 2 safer. From passing the Bicycle Crash Data, to work with the DOT to redesign dangerous intersections, Rosie has made our daily lives less dangerous. Rosie has fought to ensure that her residents, especially those far from the subway, still have ready access to public transportation. She successfully fought to save the M8 Bus, and she is a supporter of bike share in her district.

Rosie Mendez Health First Healthcare

Healthcare -- Rosie's knows that many New Yorkers lack access to quality health care. She passed legislation to reduce asthma triggers in housing, and she was a sponsor of a bill to prohibit so-called 'Crisis Pregnancy Centers' from falsely posing as medical centers to women. Rosie will continue to work to ensure that residents of District 2 will be able to access the quality care they deserve.

Disaster Preparedness -- Many parts of District 2 were devastated by Superstorm Sandy, as flooding and blackouts spread throughout the district. Rosie went door-to-door with volunteers, bringing stranded residents the food, water, and blankets they needed. In the months since the storm, Rosie has worked with numerous groups to ensure that NYC has a better response for the next storm. Rosie is committed to having a plan for District 2 so that no residents are stranded again.

Rosie Mendez Gale Brewer NYCHA Public Housing Maria del Carmen Arroyo

Public Housing -- Rosie, who grew up in Williamsburg Houses, knows that public housing can be a bridge to a better life. Rosie worked to allocate $10 million to reduce NYCHA's repair backlog, and secured an additional $10 million for security enhancements and disability access in District 2 public housing. In the face of substantial state and federal funding cuts, Rosie has worked to preserve this vital housing stock.

Rosie Mendez 4th Arts Block Ribbon Cutting

Community Preservation -- Rosie is committed to preserving the character of District 2. Rosie rezoned Third and Fourth Avenues to limit building heights. She has worked to landmark multiple buildings throughout the district, including CHARAS/El Bohio & Webster Hall. Rosie was also instrumental in saving St. Brigid's Church and the Stanton St. Shul. Rosie created the Fourth Arts Block on East 4th Street to ensure that our community theaters will survive for many more generations to enjoy.