Eternal Agitation Is The Price of Living Here- City Limits_ News for NYC's Nonprofit, Policy and Activist World


Among the many tenants who have toiled to make a Harlem apartment complex livable, one woman fights every day for civilized conditions. > By Curtis Stephen Inside a 12-story Harlem apartment building, Deborah Elliott- Bloodman, 54, peers down from a living room window to survey the streets below. It's the day before Easter, and a driving rainstorm sends pedestrians without umbrellas scurrying along the sidewalks. While Elliott-Bloodman, a native of Savannah, Georgia, usually greets the season with enthusiasm, her mood at the moment resembles the gloomy weather. The source of her frustration is the drab two-bedroom apartment that she's presently living in and her daunting experiences with poor living conditions, a succession of negligent property managers and New York City's housing court system.

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