Statement from Con Edison

"Con Edison today will begin the process of restoring power to mid- and Lower Manhattan following repairs to its East 14th Street substation. We will continue working through the weekend reinforcing our undergroun

d systems and repowering critical transmission lines needed for reliability. Some buildings with flooded basements or damaged electrical equipment will not have power restored until repairs are made by building owners.

Customers should use extreme caution before going into a flooded basement. Know whether there are electrified services or unsanitary conditions and wear high rubber boots. Also, know how deep the water is and probe it with a wooden stick, if necessary, to gauge the depth. Keep children out of flooded basements. Customers should be aware of any appliances or equipment that they may have left on prior to losing power, and take appropriate safety measures. If customers have any concerns about their electrical equipment they should contact the building owner or an electrician.

If they continue to experience any power problems, they should notify us at or call 1-800-75CONED (1-800-752-6633)."